Grate Bars (not including those that I have frequented)

Grate Bars for 7-1/4″ Gauge Locos  are made from 304L St.St. thru-out. They can be supplied as Laser-cut Sets of Bars only – for the Builder to assemble or as fully-assembled Sets, shown here with St.St. Spacers & Pins, fully TIG-welded and ready for use.

Whenever Spacers match a Standard Sheet-metal Gauge, these can be supplied in Laser-cut sets, saving the Time and Material usually spent on Machining. I can re-work any design so that the Grate Bars & Spacers suit the Standard Material thicknesses that are available.

As well as existing designs, I can draw-up and supply any configuration that you may require. Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for a quote to suit your Locomotive.