Case Studies

184mm Gauge Battery / Electric Loco ‘Shunter’

Shunter Image 001 Shunter Image 002 Sunter Image 003

These photo’s show our prototype Battery / Electric loco “Shunter” in 184mm gauge, pictured at the Teesside Small Gauge Railway in Preston Park, Stockton-on-Tees, August Bank Holiday Sunday, 2006. Click on an image to display a high resolution view. She is based on a Drewery Diesel Mechanical Shunter, BR Class 04 and was designed and built way back in 1996. Still totally original as-built she has given countless kilometres service, the only regular maintenance required being cleaning and lubrication.

Shunter Drawing Fig 1

The general specification is as shown in fig. 1 above. Click for detailed image. All of the body panels are fabricated aluminium and the chassis is steel. At the time of building the only Louvre-punching tool we had was large – hence their overscale appearance. A tool of the correct profile has since been obtained. The motor has been increased to 750W A Braked Driving Trolley (carrying the second Battery) can be included. Choice of finish is to suit you the customer.

Shunter Drawing Fig 2

A more compact and simpler version of Shunter is shown in fig. 2 above. Click for detailed image. This is built to an identical specification but is freelance. Again choice of finish is to suit you, the customer.